Syringe Driver Training

Compton Hall, 4 Compton Road West, Wolverhampton, WV3 9DH
26th September 2024

Course Overview

A syringe drive provides a safe and effective way of drug administration and can be used to maintain symptom control for palliative care patients who are unable to take oral medication, or who require a constant therapeutic infusion.

This interactive workshop is for registered nurses who have previously been trained but not used a syringe driver recently and would like a refresher.

What will I learn from this 2 hour course?

  • Refresh and update your skills
  • General principles when caring for a patient with a syringe pump
  • Recognise and understand medications and dose ranges most commonly used in a syringe pump
  • Increase confidence in assembling and setting up the T34 correctly, discussing common problems that arise and how to deal with them

Please note a certificate of attendance will be issued but we are unable to assess competence in practice.

You must provide us with a PO Number and an invoice address in order to gain access to the course.

Course Details


26th September 2024

13:00 to 15:00

Who should attend:

Registered nurses:

  • Seeking to enhance their skills in Syringe Driver usage
  • Seeking a refresher session for practical assessment

Venue address:

  • Compton Hall,
  • 4 Compton Road West,
  • Wolverhampton,
  • WV3 9DH


  • £40 per person
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